Current Position: Principal Consultant at JingxiangInfo / TMAN Technology

Specialized in designing and implementing solutions for scenarios such as refined operations management, digital transformation, and streamlined and efficient collaboration. Familiar with the corporate cultures of manufacturing factories, software, insurance, internet, and other industries. Years of research in software quality governance and collaborative process improvement.

Provided digital management and DevOps solution design and implementation for several top-level companies in various industries for over 7 years.

Formerly employed at software service provider EPAM Systems (formerly Suzhou Dextrys) as the Release Quality Manager for the EMC Atmos delivery team. Later worked in the DevOps product team at container cloud service provider DaoCloud and the SaaS team at big data service provider Omni Data.

Extensive frontline work experience with over 10 years of software testing delivery experience and over 7 years of team management experience leading teams of 20+.


Shanghai JingxiangInfo Tech (TMAN)

In 2021, joined TMAN, a digital management consulting firm, as a Senior Consultant. In this role, I design and implement refined enterprise management solutions, focusing on DevOps implementation and quality assurance, to facilitate successful digital transformations for clients.

Be good at some tools for solution design and implementation. Such as Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub, TestLink, SonarQube, and ZenTao etc.

Provided digital transformation solutions for a financial company, including internal ITSM solutions, integration with organizational user directories, software development agile and DevOps solutions, participating in implementation. This company is a key player in the global financial sector.

Offered customer service system solutions for a technology company, integrating with CRM, HR systems, and software development project management, and participating in the implementation. This company is a global technology corporation specializing in low-level technology solutions.

Suzhou Omni Data Tech

In 2020, joined the big data service provider, Omini Data Technology, as the Software Quality Manager.

By the end of the same year, I standardized and governed the code repository, artifact repository, automated pipelines, code scanning, and task workflows, ensuring software quality from the source.

Established a knowledge base and gradually standardized terminologies to address communication challenges between teams.

Optimizing cross-team collaboration processes, advancing towards refined operational management.

In the first half of 2021, completed the design and implementation of an automated testing framework, integrating UI end-to-end testing and interface testing.

Developed a customer service system to gather customer feedback as input for improving product quality.

Shanghai DaoCloud

In 2018, joined DaoCloud, a container cloud service provider, within the DCS product group, responsible for product testing delivery and DevOps implementation.

By the end of 2018, established an automated testing framework and infrastructure from scratch, enabling unmanned end-to-end automated testing of the product’s Web UI through containerized solutions. Also implemented data-driven automated testing for interface testing and automated test report delivery to WeChat Work.

In 2019, built Software Quality Assurance Platform 1.0, integrating with JIRA data to standardize defect management and achieve product development risk control.

Participated in building Interface Governance Platform 1.0, addressing seamless transmission and archiving of interface documents.

In 2020, developed TestLink Metrics to enhance transparency of test execution status information, addressing the challenge of non-testing personnel’s lack of insight into testing activities.

EPAM Systems (Suzhou)

In 2012, joined EPAM(formerly Dextrys), a software outsourcing service provider. Independently handled testing delivery for the “Distributed Storage System” GeoDrive client within the ATMOS product group.

In the second half of the same year, I took on the role of Access Methods Testing Group Lead, responsible for quality assurance and management of all access methods involved in the product, such as NFS, CIFS, and REST.

In 2013, I served as the Regression Testing Group Lead, overseeing regression quality assurance for Access Methods, Serviceability, Upgrade, System Management, Fullcycle, ACDP, GUI, and Load.

In 2014, initiated a regression automation testing plan, ultimately achieving a 200% efficiency improvement in regression testing.

In 2015, was appointed as the overall quality lead for product delivery, implementing documentation of testing processes, improvement of new case management, and delivery testing tracking boards, comprehensively enhancing product quality assurance.

Starting in 2014, designed and implemented the TSE (Technical, Skills, Experience, Entertainment) sharing program to enhance the comprehensive skills of the testing team.

In 2016, joined the Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) product group, formally taking over ECS testing in 2017. I was responsible for testing delivery of the Storage Service Manager and Node Down features, writing ECS installation deployment documents, and developing automated installation tools, achieving unmanned setup of testing environments.

International Economic Cooperation (Suzhou Imp. & Exp. Group)

In 2007, joined the International Cooperation Department, where I participated in the preparation and construction of an overseas labor training center, responsible for the establishment of the company’s software and hardware infrastructure.

In the same year, I served as the Director of Training Center Instruction and Korean Language Instructor, providing daily life guidance and Korean language training to hundreds of laborers annually.

Starting in 2008, I began coordinating with overseas enterprises, handling matters related to overseas employment recruitment. I maintained cooperative relationships with dozens of overseas employers and hosted visits from business owners to China. Additionally, I was responsible for filing with the Commerce Bureau and handling visa matters with the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office.

Walton (Suzhou) Advenced Engineering

In 2004, joined Walton, a manufacturer specializing in mobile phone camera module packaging, as an Equipment Engineer. In this role, I successfully introduced, debugged, and provided production line training for three new pieces of equipment.

In 2005, I transitioned to the role of Product Engineer, where I completed several projects involving the transition from product development to production for various new products.


Soochow University

In 2012, graduated with a degree in Software Engineering.

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

In 2004, graduated with a degree in Electronic Engineering.