The Atlassian Marketplace support team has recently approved a new Jira Cloud plugin app that I have been working on. The plugin app is called “TMAN CRM Hub Configurator”, and its name hints at its purpose - it’s a tool designed for configuring TMAN CRM Hub.

For our clients, requesting a ticket for assistance is not the only option available. You have the ability to update the configuration by yourself. Furthermore, this app is FREE to use.

I understand that there are also many people who have never seen our CRM Hub. Please allow me to provide you with an overview in just a few seconds.

🚀 Background

The clients want their JSM customers to be able to access CRM data when requesting a ticket. If you need this data, Assets will be recommended. But many clients already have an existing CRM system. It is unnecessary to request them to migrate their current CRM system.

In response to this scenario, we have established an integration solution known as TMAN CRM Hub service.

For instance:


Of course, you may have multiple CRMs. In that case, our service is designed as follows:


🚀 Forge

It is crucial that we have developed a tool that allows users to edit the configuration. Previously, clients had to request a ticket for us to make the changes, but now they can do it themselves.

The app was not difficult to develop as it only required some web requests.


To be honest, I’m not actually a developer engineer. I only have limited coding abilities. However, leveraging Forge has proven sufficient. It’s amazing - you can solely focus on the business logic while Forge handles everything else. You might find it hard to believe that my code fits into just one file! Truly magical.

└── index.jsx

At last, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Atlassian Solution Partner Akeles for identifying the security risk in our app. Also, a big thank you to Apache Skywalking for providing our microservices monitoring solution. And of course, gratitude to Atlassian Intelligence - all my friends are aware that it’s my favorite tool!