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In an organization, project management extends beyond software and hardware development to encompass many non-technical business projects.

Projects are typically characterized by their temporary nature within an unstable organizational structure, involving various roles from different departments. The matrix-style project team not only completes specific project tasks but also highly emphasizes collaboration.

We delve into:

  • Project management
  • Team collaboration
  • Knowledge-sharing
  • Goals-tracking and alignment

Based on Atlassian products, you can choose from the following options to meet these scenarios.

Jira Work Management

Atlassian Jira Work Management, unlike the complex Jira Software or ticket-focused Jira Service Management, is a project management tool tailored for business teams. It is designed for non-technical users and structured in familiar formats such as lists and boards, enabling collaboration and delivery in one place. Additionally, JWM seamlessly integrates with Jira Software or JSM.


Everyone needs their own work board for self-management and team collaboration. Trello is people-centric, connecting your tasks, teammates, and tools all together. Trello keeps everything in sight at all times.


Confluence provides document sharing, version control, and project collaboration features, supporting teams to quickly create, share, and update documents. Now you can even draft project plans, notes, and brainstorm using AI.


To facilitate tracking and adjustments, Atlassian Atlas can connect the dots between teams, applications, and tasks wherever they happen. Serving as a collaborative hub, Atlas smartly drives everyone to stay connected and get work done.