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BI reports and dashboards are crucial to the success of enterprises. They not only provide deep insights into business operations but also offer key tools to support decision-making and improve efficiency, helping businesses achieve higher business goals and operational results.

  • Data integration and summarization
  • Decision support
  • Monitoring business performance
  • Self-service analytics
  • Efficiency improvement

Atlassian and its ecosystem provide a rich set of solutions for various scenarios:

Atlassian Analytics

Atlassian Analytics is currently only available for Cloud Enterprise customers, providing robust support and covering data in any scenario within Jira, making it unbeatable across products, teams, and external data sources.

eazyBI Reports and Charts

eazyBI uses data cleansing as its powerful weapon, allowing for customization of almost any data and supporting the calculation of custom metrics. While it may have a slightly steep learning curve and lacks high aesthetics, it is an excellent choice for teams that enjoy customizing various data reports.

Dashboard Hub

Dashboard Hub is the embodiment of beauty, with a pleasing interface and abundant data. It provides rich dashboards and various tools without the need for customization. However, due to its focus on aesthetics, it lacks strong customization capabilities and almost no possibility of customizing data indicators. Therefore, teams that prioritize report display and do not require custom indicators can easily install and configure it.

Custom Charts

Custom Charts, while not as powerful in reporting and analysis as eazyBI, also differs from Dashboard Hub by focusing on providing users with the ability to create more customized charts. This balance between aesthetics and appropriate customization offers users another option to match their current needs.